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Free Video Cutter Joiner 9.5

It's a simple and convenient solution for cutting video files
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If you ever needed to quickly remove unwanted segments like commercials and trailers from a video recording, or to extract only your favorite part from a much larger movie, then you probably already know that performing such tasks without the right tools is very difficult, if not plain impossible. That’s why tools like this one have been created. Free Video Cutter Joiner offers a very simple and easy way of cutting fragments from videos. Anyway, as its title suggests, it’s not only a video file cutting tool, but also an application to join multiple video files into one single, larger file.

The interface is quite intuitive and straightforward. Though it cannot be customized or resized and it looks a bit dull, it surely represents a major advantage of this application as it keeps things simple and it makes the application easy-to-use for anyone.

Another remarkable advantage of this neat tool is the fact that it supports a large variety of video formats as the input files. Therefore it can load and process files such as AVI, FLV, 3GP, MP4, etc. Furthermore, it allows you to customize the advanced parameters of the output file – parameters such as the bit rate, frame rate, and so on. It can even combine two files of different formats and convert the result to a completely new other format.

In conclusion, Free Video Cutter Joiner is a really handy tool that makes video file joining and splitting simple tasks, available for anyone.

Margie Smeer
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  • Can load and process a large variety of video file formats
  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Free


  • The interface cannot be resized or customized
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